Katrine Glenhammer

Katrine Glenhammer

Filmdirector & Story artist

Currently creating tactile, aesthetic and whimsical universes with stop motion

animation at Wiredfly Animation.


b. 1992

I am a multi-diciplinary artist working with illustration, storyboarding and animation. With a passion for visual storytelling, I bring ideas to life through visuals across these three creative domains. If you're seeking a versatile artist who can seamlessly navigate the realms of storyboarding, illustration and animation, I'm excited to collaborate with you and bring your creative visions to life.

Are you in need of an artist with broard experience illustrating, storyboarding and creation for film or animation. Please get i touch. I'd love to hear about your idea and how I can help. 

Katrine Glenhammer Film director

Filmography //

2023- Dyr i By'r (in production)

2022- A Dragon For Elliot (in development)

2021- Mermaids Paradise (in development)

2021- Esse & Rolf (in development)

2020 Totem

2018 Falder

2016 Cinema

2015 I Felt

Other work

2024- Vokabulantis // gamr (as story artist and puppetdepartment.)

2021 Folk og røvere i Kardemommeby (as set and propdepartment.)


Talent Award 2020, Odense International Film Festival 

FESThina Sub12 2021, New Directors New Film Festival  

Audience award 2021, Sunday shorts


The Danish Art Foundation 2021

Danish Film Directors 2019,2020,2021,2022


Multiplatform storytelling & production (PBA) @VIA Film & Transmedia

Drawing & Visualization @The Animation Workshop

Photography @Media College Denmark

Visuel HF @The Animation Workshop