Katrine Glenhammer

Katrine Glenhammer

Filmdirector & Story artist

Currently creating tactile, aesthetic and whimsical universes with

animation together with New Tales and Wiredfly Animation.

Totem Katrine Glenhammer

TOTEM, 2020

- Stop Motion Short Film -

Totem is my debut film from 2020. For it's first festival the film and I was granted The Animation Talent Award at Odense International Film Festival. Since the film has been nominated for and won several prices around the world.

The story is set in a prehistoric world, where Little Woman scearch for her totem animal. But the wild boar she has in mind is not on the same wave lengh as her...

The film explores the topic of learning pations and to nuture your skills if you want to achive new abilities.

Click the poster to watch the film at Filmstriben.dk

Shaka Loveless - Falder, 2018

- Stop Motion Musicvideo -

In 2018 the danish musician Shaka Loveless asked med to make him a different kind of music video.

There was very short time to exicute the production, therefore a lot of the creative choices was made on the idea of KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid.

I'm proud to have produced this video idea, animation and editing within a month.

I'm open to do more animated music videos!

Esse & Rolf Katrine Glenhammer Film

Esse & Rolf, in deveopment

-Animation on handmade background -

-Animated series for kids-

At the moment I'm together with New Tales and Wiredfly Animation developing a series for preschoolers about a girl and her dog going on a terasure hunt after finding a treasuremap in a bottle by the river.

The concept builds on kids intuitive way of playing, nordic culture and understaning of kids learning.

It explores how kids can develop the skill of concentration and observation.

It should in the end inspire to play and to creation.

We are courrently looking for broardcasters who are interessted. 

Please send me a e-mail if you want a pitch!